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Eight Reasons To Visit Lebanon

It’s about a small country on the Eastern side of the Mediterranean. If you like to travel then Lebanon is a must. Have a look and I am sure you will love it as I do.

Lebanon A La Carte

Traveling blog promoting Lebanon.

Chasing Waterfalls: 11 “Must See”

I wouldn’t mind to wake up before dawn, drive for hours and hike for kilometers just to be able to enjoy the water roaring down a cliff, bouncing on the rocks …

Eight Things To Do In Jezzine

Well located, beautiful weather, lot of things to see and explore, great food, plenty of activities, lovely nature, scenic views and friendly people.

El Shouf: The road trip you should do

El Shouf. An amazing, unique, authentic area of Lebanon, rich in history and known for its breathtaking scenery, beautiful houses and palaces.

48 Hours In Tyre

Enjoying one of the best street food in the country without forgetting the beautiful white sand beach and the impressive archeological sites.

Tripoli, That One Of A Kind City!

Tripoli is really a unique city with its narrow streets, old souks and “Khan”, tasty food and sweets without forgetting the many historical sites.

7elwa Ya Baladi – Falougha

Falougha mountain offers one of the best views in Lebanon. You have a 360° vision going from Bekaa Valley to the Mediterranean sea.

7elwa Ya Baladi – Bakish

The “CROSS OF ALL NATIONS” is located in Qanat Bakish near the town of Baskinta.
It is the largest illuminated Cross in the world.

Lebanon – A message of hope

The land of great history, the land of the Phoenicians, the land of the brave.

7elwa Ya Baladi – Aammiq Wetland

Located in the Bekaa Valley, Aammiq Wetland is the largest remaining freshwater wetland in Lebanon.

7elwa Ya Baladi: Chouwen Lake

Other reason why we love Jabal Moussa is its beautiful and refreshing Chouwen lake.

7elwa Ya Baladi – Marj Bisri

Marej Bisri is a beautiful green valley where Awali river flows, surrounded by high mountains and huge pine trees forests.

Tannourine Cedar Forest Nature Reserve

Covering 12 square km, lies in a splendidly beautiful area and protects one of the largest and densest cedar forests in Lebanon.

Qaraoun Lake

Located in the southern region of the Beqaa Valley. The lake is a habitat for some 20,000 migratory birds.

Kfardebian Natural Bridge

7elwa Ya Baladi: Ouyoun El Samak

Located in Wadi Jhannam area – North Governorate, Ouyoun El Samak is an attractive hiking and camping area, with its lake and long waterfall.

7elwa Ya Baladi : Wadi El Salib

In the heart of Kesserwan district, Wadi El Salib – Cross Valley is an amusing hiking area with a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere by Nahr El Kalb river.

7elwa Ya Baladi : Ouyoun Orghosh

Surrounded by high mountains, Ouyoun Orghosh is a beautiful oasis that looks attractive all year long.

Al Ezer Forest – Fnaydek

In the heart of Akkar – North Lebanon, Al Ezer Forest is a heavenly place to visit during the four seasons.

Al Shouf Cedar Forest

Covering Barouk and several other villages, Al Shouf Cedar Forest is a never-ending landscape of Cedars.

Aqoura – Laklouk

A lovely village where, it has a very diverse nature which explains its rich agriculture.

Bcharri – Al Arz

Located in North Lebanon, the Cedars of God are the first place that comes to your mind during the snow season.

Our Lady of Lebanon – Harissa

Every year in May, thousands of Lebanese people visit our Lady of Lebanon to celebrate the month of the Holy Virgin Mary.

Baatara Gorge

Also known as Balouu Balaa, Located in Tannourine, is a very charming three bridge waterfall visited every year by thousands of people.


Located in Akkar – North Lebanon, El Qammoua is not just a village, it is simply a piece of heaven, with its astonishing natural sceneries!

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